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Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Review

Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Review

Fed up with trying lots of fitness equipment? Searching for the best result giving the instrument to reduce weight?

In the fitness equipment industry, Marcy is one of the best manufacturers. The create equipment to maintain the structure of the body and to keep your entire system healthy.

Marcy offers a horizontal bike with the magnetic opposition, and it comes with an upright version. It is used to reduce weight in your body without straining your muscle. You will surely reach the peak of the comfort level when you use this device.

It is a style of cycling, and it emulates the happiness of outdoor cycling. Even though there are many products available in the market, the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle is my favorite fitness equipment. That is why I recommend you to get the benefits of using it.

Features of Marcy upright mag cycle:

Knowing the features of a product before purchasing it is imperative. I have listed out the features that are available in the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle clearly.

Preset Resistance:

In this device, there is an efficiency of changing the level of resistance. You can modify the settings with eight options, and it will help you more to make yourself comfortable when you use to reduce your fats.

According to your capacity, you can adjust the resistance level. It will work with your level of capabilities and give better results.


Most of the fitness instruments do not use quality materials, and they fail within a year. But the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle is made of high-quality magnetic resistant. It will help the device to be active and increases the durability of the equipment.

The low-quality materials will never disturb you because they are not allowed on this instrument. You will not get pain in your foot, and there will not be any irritation in your hands also.


It comes with a sturdy steel design, and this will support the device for better performance. The durability of the fitness equipment is highly necessary. The steel material used in this will be the great advantage of this instrument.

The powder coating finish will give an attractive look to the instrument. It will help to have a gentle touch while processing. The user will not feel rough to handle the equipment.

Wheels and Pedals:

The wheels and the pedals of this instrument will make the users feel smooth and mold them to have the workout for extended time. You can have smooth move using the brakes and the wheels support according to the pressure you give to the device.

The users enjoy cycling when there is a decent flow in riding. To increase the speed of your workout the wheels and the pedals of this device will help you a lot.


The size of the device will be suitable for every age people, and there is no age limit to use this instrument. Do not worry about your weight and there is no restriction for the weight of the individual who wants to use it.


Not all the users are comfortable with the exact presence of the seat. To make you comfortable in that way there is an option of adjusting the position to make your comfort while cycling. The adjustable seat will help you to have the right place that is needed to have the correct process of cycling.


If you want to reduce your weight within the short period, you have to follow the exact methods. In that way, the seat adjustment will be highly helpful for you.

No Installation:

You need not worry about the installation process. This device has not installation just by getting help from the user guide you can start doing cycling.


The fitness equipment will have some hard installation, and that will not be portable. It will be difficult for you to use it any other place you want it. This instrument is portable, and so you can carry it anywhere you need.

Do you need more information about this Marcy upright mag cycle? then check out the below video.

Advantages of Marcy Upright Mag Cycle:

Here are some of the benefits of using the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle.

You can have a quiet workout by using this equipment. When you are cycling, there will not be any sound created from the side of the device. The magnetic resistance system will help you to have a quiet workout.

This instrument is only for burning the unwanted calories present in your body. You have to notice that it is not for cycling purpose. The vertical pumping methodology will make you comfortable and use it frequently without any trouble.


The seat of this device will not make every user comfortable. The adjustable technology fails with wrong positioning.

Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Review

Special Feature:

This bike trainer has eight resistance settings options.

Key features:

+ PVC and rubber,

+ magnetic resistance feature.


+ large console display,

+ transport wheel.


+ Uncomfortable seat.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Final words

Hope this article will be highly helpful for you to know about the whole features of the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle. After a clear research about its performance and from the satisfaction of the users I have written this review. Make use of it by purchasing it soon.

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