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Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer Review

Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer Review

When you go out in the market to look for indoor trainers, you have hundreds of options lined in front of you. Starting from magnet based, app-based and many more to serve the purpose. There are the traditional wind trainers that still stay and make their mark in the market. One such product is the Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer.Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer

About the company

The Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer is a product from the famous company Kinetic by Kurt. The company was started in 1947 and has made an international mark by offering a number of products. Earlier, Kurt had built trainers for competitors that did not pay out very well. To earn a better name, Kurt launched a new range of precision trainer using the wind and fluid resistance.

Knowing the product:

The early wind trainers were looked clumsy  and were believed to be uneasy to use. But unlike the traditional wind trainers, the CycleOps wind trainer is a durable and added with an array of features and specifications.

Structure: The Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer has been equipped with dual fans, which help to build up a real life road cycling experience. The fans weigh approximately 2.2 pounds and are 6 inches in diameter. Whereas, the 2.2lb flywheels added to the unit ensure that you have a smooth coasting experience and adds up to the product. As a user, it’s integral to be able to refuel without rough hefty mechanics, which is exactly what the unit enables you to do.

Resistance: Coming to resistance part, the bike trainer offers a resistance range ranging from one watt to thousand watts.

Compatibility: In terms of compatibility, the trainer can fit bikes ranging from 16 to 29” cm in diameter. This is a large range that not many other competitor products can offer in the market.

Weight: The unit only weighs 12 pounds, which is very low compared to the units offered by the competitors.

Design: Coming to the design of this product, most of the wind trainers look ugly because of the flywheels. But, with this unit you get a real surprise with a great looking wind trainer.

Noise: Most of us look for quieter options in the market. But, here is where the product disappoints us, with a number of customer reviews saying that the noise becomes unbearable at 25 miles per hour at which time the watts were 349 watts. This machine becomes ideal for riders who average less than 18 miles per hour, at a resistance level fewer than 150 watts.

Size: According to our needs and schedules, trainers that are easy to store and carry in size. The general size is relatively big and becomes difficult to manage. The unit is also light, which leads us to the conclusion that it may not be as stable as other units.

Warranty: The Kinetic Cyclone wind trainer comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. This also includes the benefit of a lifetime crash replacement policy. The big confusion arises here that the company offers both unconditional lifetime warranty and a lifetime crash replacement policy.

This product works great for people who are new on the block and looking for a wind trainer priced under $200.


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