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Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS Review 

Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS Review 

If you are looking to club your fitness schedule with tech-savvy gadgets, then the Garmin Edge 500 Cycling, GPS is just what you need. Thinking, what can be the advantage of using a computer while cycling? The advantages are numerous starting from keeping a track to knowing your progress.

Now, we give you the reasons to pick up the Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS.


The Garmin edge is 3.0 x 3.7 cm in size. A minimalist design with no unnecessary clutter on the screen gives it a clean look. Weighing around 2.1 ounces, the GPS is light and easy to carry.

Another feather in the cap would the water-resistant feature that comes with the GPS. So, if you are riding on rainy day, you don’t have to worry much about the unit. Running on a single rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the battery stays with you for almost 18 hours.

The company offers you three great color options, which are black and gray, blue and gray, and black and red. You can pick up your mate according to your preference.

Coming to the tracking part, the Garmin Edge 500 enables you to keep a track of the speed, time, distance, location, and elevation.  The barometric altimeter helps you to track changes while you go up or come down.  The GPS is equipped with an odometer that gives you real-time input about the current and average pace.

Equipped with a timer and clock, you can also club this device with other devices and app to track the heartbeat, weight, calories burned, etc. Another great point is that you can choose statistics according to your need. You can pick up air temperature, minimum speed, gradient, maximum speed and much more. You can also switch between the screens during your workout.

The backlight feature added to the Edge 500 is very useful for gloomy days and dark mornings. To increase the visibility, the screen offers 128 X 160 resolutions that can be seen in the bright light.

For maintaining the records, the Garmin Edge gives you the flexibility to record the data after your workout.  It also gives you the option to work with the third-party power meters. This helps you to determine your stats.

You can attach the Garmin Edge 500 to your handlebars on the mount. The dual bands that come with the GPS help to keep the device in place. If you are looking forward to picking up, GPS signal to use a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix satellite prediction.


Now coming to the drawbacks, the device is not a touch screen device. The device operates using the side button.

Another drawback will be the battery life if you like to stay with your bike for long. With a number of customers stating that you can almost 300kms before that battery drains down to 30% remaining.  Another negative is that you can’t plug the GPS into the USB port to recharge.

Furthermore, the Garmin edge 500 looks flimsy when mounted on the bike. If you are one of those who is fidgeting and pushing the buttons, most of the times, you will be half of the times worried that the unit is going to twist off.

Final Verdict:

When reviewing the Garmin Edge 500, we have seen a number of features that make the product look great and outstanding. With a price of $170, the GPS offers you advanced GPS features and a great cycling experience. So, if you are planning to buy a GPS soon, this one is a must on your bucket list.


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