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FDW Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand Review

FDW Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand Review

Traditional bikes are a great way to keep fit and work out, though they are heavily dependent on the weather conditions outside. In such conditions, the indoor trainers seem to be of a great use. When using an indoor trainer, your training schedule is not dependent on the weather conditions and roads. You can just take up the training session, when and how you want it.fdw-magnet-steel-bike-trainer

From the long list of the indoor exercise trainers available in the market, we bring to you the FDW Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand.

The bike stand easily transforms your mean machine into an indoor exercise bike. Making you choose your workout schedule when you want it. Here is our detailed review about the FDW magnet steel bike bicycle indoor exercise trainer stand.


A hardened steel frame helps the stand to support most users. The unit is compatible with both mountain and road bikes with specifications of 700 c and 27 wheels.

An easily adjustable adjustment knob ensures that the wheels stay in place. With five different resistance settings, the magnet steel indoor exercise bike stand lets you determine how hard you should pedal for the rear wheel to move.

The unit also gives you a tension adjuster on the handlebars that adds to its durability. The unit also houses the flywheels and is equipped with a dial to control the resistance.

But, a bigger challenge is posed by the magnet trainers as they can overheat and break down anytime due to heavy usage.


The durability can be determined by a number of customer reviews that state the fact that customers weighing more than 220 pounds have worked on the trainer without facing any issues or mishaps. With such heavy amount of weight, the trainer still did not show any signs of instability. But, we still advise getting a wheel block to minimize the chances of the back wheel lifting off the ground while pedaling.


A major point that kills the review of most indoor trainer’s reviews is the noise. The FDW Magnet steel bike indoor exercise trainer stand, unlike its competitors, surprises us. The stand has no complaints about the noise, whereas it’s the tires of the bike that will add a bit of whirr. You just have to switch a bit of music to beat it, but with time you shall feel that this noise fades in the background.


If you get confused while figuring out how to fix the unit up, the magnet steel bike trainer stand comes up with a simple installation guide. The steps are simple and written in English.


Like most of the indoor trainer available in the market, this unit can be easily stored away or carried while you are traveling.

Why to pick FDW Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand?

Based on the specifications the product looks to be a great buy. But other the specifications, coming to the price, a great market pricing of $50 surprises most of the customers and makes it a hot-seller in the market.


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