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How to choose a bike trainer?

How to choose a bike trainer?

Fitness regime should not be a weekly activity. A number of the times our fitness routine is hampered by the weather conditions. But, a simple way out of this problem is to invest in a good indoor bike trainer. These trainers are popular for pre-bike-event or warm-up sessions. However the big question is “How to choose a bike trainer to suit all your needs?”choose-bike-trainer

Determining the need:

There are n numbers of options available in the market to confuse you. Now, you have to decide what is your purpose? If you are a seasoned player, then you certainly need to look out for higher-end models that offer you feature like heart beat tracking, power meters, GPS and sync with a computer and precision. If you are a starter and are just taking it up for recreation, you will be more interested tracking your progress by logging in your miles.

Avoiding the mistakes:

When you are going to shop for bike trainer, keep in mind what is your goal. Clearly know your purpose of using the trainer. Understand why you need it. If you looking for a trainer just to cover some miles indoor then buying a computer based trainer is exactly what you need. You need to know why to invest. A great idea is to take a demo of the trainer before buying it.

Selecting your trainer:

You have ample of options in the market to choose. If you are looking for cheap and simple trainers, then the wind trainers are the best option. However, these trainers are low in resistance level and make a lot of noise.

Coming to the magnetic trainers, they are better in resistance than wind trainers, less noisy and affordable. Though, these trainers are not very durable.  Whereas, the fluid trainers give you a road feel and offer a wide range of resistance levels. These trainers are very quiet and also offer a wide variety of features. Though these trainers are susceptible to overheating and are high on maintenance.

Lastly, the Indoor bikes are much advanced as these use fluid or magnetically controlled resistance, combining electronic dashboards and wireless connectivity to interface with apps and training programs. The drawback with these trainers is that these are heavy and may not fit to riders of very small or big sizes.

Deciding your investment:

Decide how much you want to invest in the trainer. The bike trainers are range from as low $50 range to the $1,500. Compare the prices of different brands on the internet as well as brick and mortar shops. This will help you get the best deal available in the market.

Choosing Accessories:

Depending upon your need, choose the accessories like if you are looking forward to purchase a roller then you would have front fork stabilizers available. On the other hand, most of the computer based trainers are enabled with GPS.

You have an ample of accessories available with different kinds of trainers like the trainer mat that is placed under the bike to soak the sweat and reduce noise levels, sweat net to safeguard your bike from corrosive effects of your sweat and much more.

When going to buy a bike trainer, keep the following five tips in mind to choose the correct bike trainer.


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