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Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer

If you are the regular cycle rider then I’m you won’t forget for cycling every day. But when talking about the climate we have to consider few things. In the winter and rainy season, you can’t go out for a ride.

You can not be sure with the path situation. The road and path will be damaged if there is a heavy season. Similarly, you can’t find the road in the winter season since there is heavy snowfall. How can you tackle the situation? Don’t worry! I have a solution for you.

Have you ever tried with Indoor Bicycle trainer?

Indoor bicycle trainer is the best choice for regular cycle rider or someone who is trying to lose the weight. The Indoor cycle trainer can be placed on the floor. You can connect your cycle and start to do cycling.  To get the best cycling experience at home use this Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer.

What is Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer?

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer comes with the wide range of specifications. It contains  An adjustable-height tubed steel frame with the higher stiffness that provides the maximum stability on the floor.


It has two locking rings on both sides that perfectly locks the back side wheel with an indoor trainer. It has the resistance unit that used to generate the speed values.

A wired resistant control connected with the resistant unit that can be connected with bike computer to calculate the speed and time. This trainer comes with the plastic feet that do not cause any scratches on the floor.

It equipped with the roller lock-down that allows you to tighten the resistance unit with the tire. It has the built-in magnet that produces the pulses.

How does Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer work?

Cycling with Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer is quite simple. All you needs the best cycle with good condition. Connect the back wheel with an indoor trainer with the help of locking rings.

Connect the resistant control wire with the bike computer. Adjust the resistant unit based on the wheel height.

Make sure you have tightly fixed the wheel and start cycling. When the tire makes the pressure on the magnet the resistant unit will start calculating pulse rate. The signals will be passed through the resistant control wire and the output will be displayed on the bike computer.

You can get the information regarding the functions of Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer.


It has the higher stability on the floor. The black and red color finishing give the attractive look. It comes with the remote shift which is an added advantage to the product.

The resistance unit works well with the built-in magnet. The adjustable settings allow you to connect the cycle with trainer easily. It gives reads the pulse accurately.


It has minor drawbacks. It has only 6 resistance setting while other trainers have 10 resistance settings.

The skewer is incompatible with wheels. It has only minimum contact with the resistance unit. It is not compatible with all size wheels.

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer

Special Feature:

It has two locking system.

Key features:

+ Quality resistance unit,

+ steel handle.


+ Accurate pulse reading,

+ Durable.


+ Less resistance settings.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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To conclude this, Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Indoor Bicycle Trainer is the ideal choice if you are seriously looking for the best indoor trainer since it has the various functionality. It offers the best cycling experience at home when compared with other trainers. It has more advantages rather than the drawbacks. You can adjust the size of resistance unit. This Trainer is used by the professional cycle riders around the world. You can also check internet for more reviews.


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