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5 Tips for Bike Trainer Maintenance

5 Tips for Bike Trainer Maintenance

tips-for-bike-maintenanceWhether you own a bike for commuting, fitness or are a passionate cyclist. You need to ensure that you take care of your buddy regularly. Winter months make it more challenging to keep your buddy in shape. Most of us resort to spend huge amounts for professional maintenance now and then or we invest in high-end trainers to avoid the hassle. Here are a home hacks that can help you prevent those costly repairs often. Just keep these hacks in find before calling for professional help.

Tip 1: Keep it Clean

Sounds like a pretty simple step, though but can be a major cause of worry for your maintenance. A major problem area with the bike trainer maintenance can be the roller. So, now the big question is how to tackle this. A simple way out of this is a home hack. All you need to do is to dilute alcohol with a cleaning fluid (Lizol) or window cleaner (Colin). Put a few drops of this mixture on a soft muslin cloth and clean the roller gently. If you are too lazy, store this mixture for future and use it when you need to clean up.

Tip 2: Maintain the wheels

When you are following home hacks for your bike trainer, keep a check on the PSI range of the tires. Always ensure that your bike is above the minimum pressure. This will cut the chances of flats. Also, another simple trick is to spin the wheel and watch it move. If the wheel wobbles, it needs to be trued.

Tip 3: Grease up

It’s just not about the movie grease, but you also need to grease up the L-bolt’s thread. If you are wondering, how does L-bolt’s thread help? The L-Bolt is a bolt that holds up the resistance unit. To upkeep this bolt, all you need to do is to use drip chain lube and grease up the bolt. Another major part that needs greasing is threaded rods. These rods connect the rear wheel. Again make use of the drip chain lube here to fix both the ends.

Tip 4: Check the Bolts

To make sure that your bike stays in an excellent condition for the training session, just make sure that you check the frame bolts. Healthy frame bolts determine safety. Always follow a routine check to ensure that all the mounting and leg bolts are screwed properly. Check the resistance unit that joins the stand regularly.

Tip 5: Wrap it up

Not making much use of your buddy. Instead of just letting it gets covered with dust and grime. The best way out is to just follow a basic home maintenance check and wrap it up. This will help you to avoid any more maintenance issues.

Following these five simple tips offer multiple benefits. Firstly, you can save the huge amounts that you spend on the professional maintenance, secondly, can be done at any time and with any bike trainer and lastly it gives you a chance to know the machine better.


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